NetVampire 4.0

Net Vampire is a powerful but easy to use download manager. You can drag and drop or Alt-click links in the browser to schedule them for immediate or deferred download. The program will restart broken connections automatically and continue where it left off until it receives the whole file. Net Vampire provides flexible job scheduling, dialup control and support for many proxy types, including Socks. You can use multiple download locations for the file and switch among them on-the-fly. True site testing allows you to select the fastest and most reliable site easily. In addition to real-time testing, Net Vampire collects long-term site statistics, which further helps you to choose the best file location. A unique built-in search engine can find files on both FTP and HTTP servers. Net Vampire can list ftp directories and extract links from the downloaded html pages. All found links can be easily added to the main Job List. On job completion, Net Vampire can run a virus checker, open Tthe received file, disconnect the modem or shut down the computer. A built-in ZIP viewer even allows you to list and extract files from the ZIP archive while you are downloading it! Detailed session log, data flow histogram and many configurable options make download troubleshooting a piece of cake.

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NetVampire 4.0

Infos zu NetVampire 4.0 Version 4.0:

BetriebssystemWindows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
Aufgenommen19. November 2001
Letztes Update6. August 2010
4.25 von 10 (8 Stimmen)

HomepageWebseite von NetVampire 4.0

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