Universal Explorer 5

Universal Explorer is a powerful Windows Explorer replacement designed to
replace the rather restricted features of the standard Window's Explorer file
management program. This is the free version and is supported by
advertisements. It is fully featured and offers many advantages to Window's
Explorer. With Universal Explorer, you can manage your files
(move/copy/paste/delete) quickly and effectively. Plus, you can also VIEW
and EDIT almost any file directly in UE without launching the files native
application! View and Edit text documents, HTML, a wide range of graphic
files, programming source code and more. You can even view Microsoft Word
and Excel documents without launching Word or Excel. Universal Explorer
offers a full Archive Manger that allows you to create, view, edit, file and text
search, convert and extract compressed files using multiple formats (bh, cab,
qz, jar, lha, lzh, tar, zip, zoo). A Make .EXE option is included to turn a
compressed file into a self-extracitng Window's executable (.exe) file. In
addition, UE comes fully loaded with a wide range of great utility tools: Find
Files, Search Text, Replace Text, Split File, Encrypt/Decrypt, Disk Copy,
Directory Size, Directory Printer, Directory Compare, Set Properties, Batch
Rename, Slide Show, Thumbview, Screen Ruler, Screen Capture, Calendar,
Calculator, Ascii List, Color List, System Information and Hex Window.

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Universal Explorer 5

Infos zu Universal Explorer 5 Version 5:

BetriebssystemWindows 7
Aufgenommen30. August 2001
Letztes Update13. Januar 2011
3.00 von 10 (1 Stimmen)

HomepageWebseite von Universal Explorer 5

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